Chateau Loire Window-II (12x18).jpgCuba-Holguin December 10-17 2010_DSC0325V2(24x16).jpgCuba-Holguin December 10-17 2010_DSC0328 (24x12).jpgCuba-Holguin December 10-17 2010_DSC0375 (18x12).jpgCuba-Holguin December 10-17 2010_DSC1133(20x16).jpgCuba-Holguin December 10-17_DSC1521 (20x16).jpgDSC_1495(12x16).jpgFerralton March 19 2011_DSC7523 (24x18).jpgFort Coulonge Falls August 01 2011_DSC9864 (18x14).jpgFrance Provence Biking20080706_0522-3(12x12).jpgFrance Provence Biking20080709_1461.jpgFrance Provence Biking20080721_0114.jpgGatineau Old Chelsea May 07 2011P5072228-ii(12x16).jpgGatineau September 04 2010_DSC2598 (18x12).jpg_DSC1335.jpg

Welcome to the website of fine art photographer Salim Douba.

Salim is based in Ottawa, Canada’s National Capital. Salim’s passion for art and photography is depicted in the body of work that this site exhibits. His interests are wide ranging and inclusive of landscape, Travel, people, nudity, and social content and documentation. This web site provides a depiction of some of his work and writings about the principles and thoughts underlying some of his photographs.

The photographs exhibited on this web site are available for sale in a variety of formats. All prints are signed Limited Editions.

Salim can be reached at